multi-disciplinary fine art

Working as an interdisciplinary fine artist, my practice documents and examines ideas of place, both in situ and in recollection. Philosopher Felix Guattari’s writings on deep ecology and writer Merlin Coverly’s attempts to define the ways in which we assess our surroundings, have informed my work. 

Drawing on my understanding of a place I know, or do not know yet, walking to document and map land becomes a physical and practical element of the work. During these times, my attention turns to psychogeography, thin places and connectivity. Guided by this I am interested in our appreciation of familiarity and that which we associate with being of significance.

In subverting this generalised significance, such as a view or landmark in favour of detritus or marginalised history, my work pays tribute to the transparency of a place. Out of this, questions that arise are concerned with the durability of our relationship with an environment, which at this rate of geological change, is destined to evolve into something, as yet, unfamiliar to us.